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TruckMax is seeking a Sales/Finance Person who can assist us in growing our Business. The person we seek must have extensive knowledge in working internet generated leads. The Leads we have to call and email on are primarily generated from Automotive Sources, via Ebay Motors, etc. We have a very small staff and our New Hire can be Relieved from the discomfort of an overcrowded floor. The New Hire would preferably have some light finance experience in reading credit reports and data enrty(Dealer Track). Our style is taking care of our customer from START to FINISH, finding the Customer the Right Truck....The Best Loan....Making sure they recieve adequate Warranty Coverage....Printing Docs's....and seeing our Customers off Happy. Our New Hire can have ANY 2 CONSISTENT DAYS OFF excluding Sunday. The scheldule required will be 12 to 8....and Sundays 9 to 5. If interested please submit your Resume and email to , we guarantee a timely response within 24 hours or sooner.

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